Welcome to sCoin!

sCoin is the first fully-functioning digital currency system for Scratch! With sCoin, you can sell cross-project items through cloud variables. Set up is easy, just place the sCoin sprite into your project, create a cloud variable named "sCoin", add an item from the Projects tab, and enjoy!

Notice: The sCoin promo project was recently removed from Scratch because it goes along with the theme of spending money, which is not allowed to be advertised on Scratch. However, sCoin can still be used.

Setup Guide

1. Sign up for an sCoin account
2. Drag the sCoin sprite from your backpack into your project
3. Add a project item from the Projects page
4. Use the blocks in the sCoin sprite to try everything out!


Q. How do I get sCoins?
A. Make a project using the system and have people buy the items you created
Q. Why did sCoin stop working on my project?
A. Scratch disconnected from its cloud server after inactivity, this is a Scratch bug so just reload the page